The advantages of using an auto attendant

Posted on 2nd March 2020 under Blog.

The auto attendant, is the recording you hear when you are on hold after you have dialled a business. It provides the caller with either music or navigational information to assist the caller to speak with a relevant person within the business.

Businesses who use these voice overs are a head of the game when it comes to customer service – they are able to provide that next level of customer service to all callers without even having to speak to them.

Having a voice over when a customer calls your number can provide the caller with the guidance and navigate, they need to be diverted to the correct department they wish to speak with.

For example, press 1 for sales, 2 for support…and so on.

The advantages of using an auto attendant

Marketing with on-hold voice overs

Marketing with the use of voice overs allows your business to advertise to customers while the caller is on hold. This marketing tool is very affective as the listener will already be interested in what services or product you provide as they have directly called you.

You can utilise the time the caller spends on the phone to educate the caller about new products, services, or other promotions you have on-going within your business that they may not be aware off.

On-hold navigation

Callers might want to speak to a specific department or individual in the business, to save them time and frustration you can navigate them to the relevant area they wish to speak with.

Suppling great customer services from the first step in a caller’s communication journey can really impact someone’s views of your business – making their call simple and successful can ensure they become a happy and repeat customer.

Cusomise your on-hold voice overs

All professional voice overs can be customised to suit your business or brand – DataKom is now working in partnership with Fresh Air Studios to provide fantastic pricing on all your “on-hold” music productions, greetings, or general information messages.

With a professionally recorded voiceover, you can leave a lasting positive impression and provide better customer service for every caller.


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