The benefit of call management at your medical practice

Posted on 17th December 2020 under Blog.

Good communication tools continue to be essential for medical practices and adopting the best call management technologies never more important.

For instance, does your practice use a hosted telephony solution? If not, here are a few reasons why you should consider upgrading your system to help you future-proof your medical centre.

Benefits of hosted telephony

Hosted telephony improves every area of your communications, with its feature-rich solution to boost any practice or GP. In this article, we will be discussing the advantages of call management.

The usage of call management in the medical industry has changed – telecoms are hugely important and can introduce a range of high-tech features to the industry. Manage your time and the teams with call management techniques which can boost your communications within your GP or surgery.

medical practice telephone solution

Call management and the benefits for your patients

Call management features vary from everyone’s system, as well as what the organisation needs out of their telecoms. Primarily call management solutions are there to enhance both the patients and staffs experience. So what features does a call management software have which can benefit inbound callers?


Call Queues

If your practice expects a high volume of calls, instead of patients being cut off due to the amount of other incoming calls, integrating a call queue will allow all calls to be able to wait patiently whilst other callers are being dealt with. Callers will be moved along the queue one by one until their call is answered.  Messages can be played to callers to provide information on their place in the queue, surgery opening hours and more.


Call Routing

Call routing is the process of a caller selecting a path to whom they wish to speak with within the practice. For instance, dial 1 for book an appointment, 2 for prescriptions, and so on.

This is done with an auto-attendant routing the inbound caller with speech directions to areas of the practice the caller can speak with.


Call Recording

Call recording can be beneficial to both the caller and the staff within the practice as data can be collected and stored safely for the patient and GP to access when needed.

It is also handy to have access to patient’s details from previous calls as if data gets lost or misplaced, it can be accessed and added to other medical records.

Call management benefits your medical practice

Missed Call Report

Millions of calls go unanswered every year due to industries not implementing effective call reporting software into their communications. A call report will provide a list of missed calls with extension numbers labelled as unreturned, meaning calls that go unmissed can be returned efficiently.

Within the medical industry where missed calls could be vital – making sure that calls are returned as soon as possible to the correct caller so no-one should go unspoken with. 


Call Analytics

Reporting features include call analytics – call analytics track the calls being made to and from your medical centre. This feature is beneficial for reporting the volume of calls and the time of day in which they are made.


This feature is brilliant to help calculate which points of the day you should expect a larger quantity of inbound calls, so you can be prepared and reduce the amount of missed calls at one time.

The comprehensive reporting system provides a clear overview of your communications and creates custom reports to display the data required – making your day to day communication simple.


Real-time Monitoring

All calls and events can be monitored as and when they happen with a custom dashboard. Focus on the information that matters to you, for example, longest call, amount of missed calls returned and so on.

With unique widgets to create a board of real-time or historical data with clear and interestingly data ready for you and your team to use to help improve your telecoms.


So, if you like the sound of a hosted solution, call one of our medical telecommunications experts on 01656 334455 or email us at and book yourself a free demonstration of our hosted systems.