The benefits of a hosted VoIP telephone

Posted on 20th January 2021 under Blog.

Technology is always advancing, into bigger and better, faster and more reliable and with hosted telephony becoming more popular it is easy to say it is the future of telecommunication.

With millions of businesses across the world adopting VoIP, their comms have never been more efficient than ever! However, do you know the benefits in which an IP system can grant your business?

An IP telephone works with your business and grows alongside it, as you scale, your communication needs increase and your IP telephone can do just that – assisting your business with its natural growth.

The benefits of Internet phone calls

Quality in Every Call

When it comes to the quality of your calls you never need to fear as when using a VoIP telephone system all calls have a high quality, crisp and clear audio for all uses. Providing you are connected to a reliable internet connection. No matter how long or short distance your calls are the quality won’t change.

Saving You Money

When you upgrade your business with a hosted telephony solution all your calls going forward will now be held over your internet connection – meaning calls are made

completely free! Lowering your monthly spending on all telecommunication in and out of your business.

Call from Anywhere

The beauty of a hosted VoIP telephone is that calls can be made anywhere at any time – as long as you have a reliable internet connection you can make high-quality calls to anyone. Additionally, you can always unplug your handset and relocate it and yourself to another area or building and it will continue to function granting you excellent communication.

Our range of IP telephones

With an IP telephone, you can have from 1 – 1,000 plus users experiencing all the benefits of a premise-based telephone system with the convenience of a hosted one. Our cloud-based telephone systems are perfect for businesses who want a robust system with all the latest features such as, call recording, mobile twinning, call transfer, voicemail to email and many more!

We offer a range of VoIP handsets to suit the needs of any size business, from our cost-effective entry-level phone up to our high-end legacy handsets.

VoIP for all industries

The beauty of a VoIP solution is its robust system with features making it reliable for all business types in different sectors benefiting all companies who choose to upgrade their business.

Hosted telephony is the future of business communication, so no matter what area your business operates we can assure you that your telecoms will keep your business ahead of its sector and its competitors whilst reducing your spending on everyday calls.

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