Choosing the right handset for your business

Posted on 9th March 2021 under Blog.

Your business telecommunications is the foundation of your communication, so that is why we suggest you review your current set-up to see if it is fully benefiting your business. Choosing an ideal solution can take time, which is why we want to educate you on some of the handsets we have to offer.

All of our handsets use innovate technology which grasps the future of telecommunications and brings it to the forefront of your business. Our cloud (VoIP) telephony solutions have been assisting businesses with more than excellent communication – they also allow them to grow whilst avoiding any telecommunication challenges such as the ISDN switch off.

We are proud to introduce to you our key solutions, the Erricsson-LG, IP telephones. The 1000i range has a line-up of 3 models from entry-level handsets to executive.

Now it’s time to find out more about these handsets to see which one suits your needs.

Our initial 4 phone line-up consists of the ideal phones for any office deployment required, ranging from a basic level to an executive level of phone. These have been designed to best fit the users’ business requirements. The Ericsson-LG proprietary protocol provides fully integrated system features just like a conventional feature-rich PBX solution.

The 1010i handset

The 1010i is designed to be the entry-level telephone in the iPECS 1000i IP range. Designed for deployments in low use areas such as staff rooms where you do not expect many calls.

With flex keys linked to the screen which can be made for quick access to multiple pre-programmed requests.

The 1030i handset

The 1030i is considered the essential telephone for any office workers. This handset will work perfectly for all members of your team who are likely going to spend a lot of time using the telephone.

This handset comes with a full colour, backlit display, numerous programmable keys and a full complement of fixed feature keys to boost efficiency. The 1030i is the ideal handset for companies that expect a lot of call traffic with the added benefit of delivering a great user experience.

The 1040i handset

The 1040i is the desired telephone for a professional individual – with the perfect blend of user-programmable buttons, fixed features and a large, clear colour display. Making it the ideal phone for any desk-based worker including those who are dealing with a high volume of calls each day. With the addition of 2 extra flex keys increasing overall user efficiency.

The iPECS LIP 9071

We also offer a video conference handset (iPECS LIP 9071) which has a built in touchscreen interface with Bluetooth integration. The built in touchscreen tablet supports apps, web browsing as well as priory use, video calling display.

This handset is the perfect solution for most managing directors or heads of departments who find themselves voice and video conferencing on a frequent occasion.

Why would I get a hosted telephone solution?

The benefits of a hosted telephone solution over a traditional handset are miles apart. To begin, most traditional handsets run on an ISDN line, which has worked wonderfully for many years. However, the ISDN network will be disconnected in 2025 – meaning current users will have to seek an alternative system. This is where a hosted solution comes in. Your new hosted telephone system will not just replace your current set-up, it will accelerate your business communications to a level you have never experienced.

Hosted telephony will take your business communications to the future, with its feature heavy software allowing your business to operate more efficiently and cost effectively. Our solutions are designed and tailed to suit all business types and sizes, assisting with internal and external communication whilst support your business growth and not becoming outdated for your telephone demands.


To find out more make sure you contact us to book a free demonstration of any of our handsets by calling us on 01656 33 44 55 or email