How slow internet speeds can impact productivity

Posted on 22nd July 2016 under Blog.


How much bandwidth does your business need?

The majority of businesses now need a reliable, fast internet connection. Slow internet speeds cannot only impact employee productivity but the quality of customer service you offer can be impacted i.e. using applications on your website. The internet is vital for day to day operations such as accessing emails and file transfers. With a dependable fast connection, your business can boost productivity, improve customer service and support your projected growth.

No matter your business size there are services to suit your needs. To help you understand the importance of faster internet speeds for your company we have compiled a list of things to consider.

Technology usage

Regardless of company size, if your business uses technologies such as video conferencing, online payments and other e-commerce functions, you will need a high-speed connection. It is also essential to identify other devices requiring connectivity including smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices as these will have an impact on your usage. The more data used, the larger bandwidth you require; this is essential to support productivity.

Upload and download speeds

It not only download speeds that you need to consider – upload speeds are equally important when taking into account productivity. Improved upload speeds will allow for you to more efficiently upload attachments, images and send emails.

Many hours of working time can be lost waiting for pages to load. For example, if you spend 4 hours a day using the internet with 5% of that time lost to a sluggish connection (approximately 15 minutes a day). Stretch this over one year’s time- that’s 50 hours of lost productively- times this by the number of employees and the amount of lost productivity sharply goes up!

Consider if the number goes to 10%? You would be looking at nearly 100 hours per year, per employee- that is close to an entire month of lost time and productivity. The inefficiency of a slow connection costs your business more money than you would have guessed. The impact of increasing productivity can be huge. The simplest solution is a faster internet and improved bandwidths. DataKom can help you get the speeds you need, for less than you would imagine.

What to consider

It was recently determined that Amazon would lose £1.6 billion in sales from a one-second delay in loading time of pages. Not all situations can be controlled; bad weather or network disruptions. A slow connection leads to unhappy customers, a decrease in profits and slow applications.

David Bogaty, CEO at WorldNet states business owners need to make sure they aren’t overinvesting or acquiring the wrong technology for their business. Instead, they should invest strategically aligning new technology with business goals. Productivity should be considered alongside business requirements as it can greatly impact your profit and losses.

It is important to team up with an expert when choosing telecommunication and broadband/internet services. Here at DataKom, we are experts in both. We partner with you to come up with solutions tailored to your business requirements. Contact us today.