How music on hold can benefit your business

Posted on 30th October 2017 under Blog.

Customers are the most important aspect to any business – without customers a business wouldn’t exist, so their satisfaction is essential. It can be necessary to place a customer on hold particularly during busy periods, and that can have a negative impact on satisfaction. So it’s beneficial to make their wait as content as possible.

According to research, callers who hear music and messages while they’re waiting on hold are less likely to hang up, whereas customers who hear silence will typically hang up within 60 seconds. Music on hold reassures customers their calls are still connected, and in the queue to be answered.

Bespoke advertising or music on hold is a fantastic tool that allows you to advertise products and services to your callers on hold, and is recognised as a great marketing solution that is both cost effective and flexible.

On hold advertising

This is the perfect opportunity to engage with your customers on hold by advertising products, services and offers. Your business can reveal special announcements, or entertain with interesting facts about your company.

Keep both current and prospective customers informed with the latest news and information from your company – saving valuable time by answering frequently asked questions such as enquiries, opening times, locations, and directions. More importantly, it gives the opportunity to highlight your products, services or capabilities, let callers know that you offer more than perhaps presumed and assure your company is the right solution for their needs.

Music on hold can increase profitability with the on-hold message running every day, continuously sharing company information and offers with your callers.

Build company image

Providing customers with a professional on-hold message can enhance the perceived quality of your business, giving a great first impression to potential customers. It also ensures callers know that their time, patience and custom is valued.

Reduce caller hang-ups

How often do callers hear silence on-hold and question if they have been disconnected? Statistically callers who experience silence on hold will often hang up within 40 seconds, while callers with on-hold music will stay on the line up to 4 minutes reducing the risk of lost business.

73% of UK callers prefer to hear sound other than silence. Callers perceive shorter wait times when uplifting music is played whilst giving the reassurance their call is still connected and in the queue.

In summary

On hold marketing turns wasted on hold time into valuable marketing space and provides the ability to boost revenue by advertising products and services to a captive audience. Your bespoke on hold message, turns dead air time, into sales opportunities.

At DataKom our professional voiceover services use recognised industry professionals to record your greetings, messages and announcements. Choose from male or female voices – along with various music options that fit with your business profile. If you are interested in adding on hold music, there are various fully licenced options for you to choose. Have a listen to our full range of samples