5 apps to manage your business from your mobile

Posted on 17th August 2017 under Blog.

A business is only as successful and agile as the people involved in managing it. But how do you stay on top of everything when you’re away and all you have is a mobile phone in your pocket?

Today, business owners have immediate access to a wealth of information and connectivity via the internet. But how can they harness all that and make everyday tasks easier and more efficient?

We explore the different apps you can install on your mobile today that will help you stay organised, stay in touch with colleagues and clients and remain focused on what really matters – running your business better.

Manage your email effectively with Spark

Email is boring and unavoidable. Managing it is cumbersome. So, how do you go back to like using it in a way that’s both more efficient and easier?

A little lesser-known app called Spark is what will make you feel less anxious when it comes to managing your inbox. And setting it up takes a few seconds – as soon as you login to one of your email accounts the app syncs all emails, settings and even signatures.

Here’s why you should give Spark a go:

  • It’s a lot minimal and easier to use
  • It’s faster than the stock mail apps
  • Offers smart features
  • It offers smart inbox features

Get it here: Spark

Join or organise conference calls easily with Con-Flab

Conference calls can be awkward. Sometimes you can’t connect, or you can’t find the instructions and this affects everyone’s schedules.

A not very known app is trying to make joining, organising and managing conference calls easy. And it’s free.

What makes is great for using when away from your office:

  • Integrates with Outlook so you can easily invite colleagues
  • Participants don’t have to have to app, they just need to dial in
  • Works with Amazon Alexa
  • Free recordings are immediately available for download after a call

Get it here: Con-Flab

Become more focused with AntiSocial

We are all addicted to our phones. The endless stream of emails, messages, notifications, news, social media updates means we’re glued to the small screen for hours each day.

You can’t imagine your life without a phone, but the excessive usage has it’s pitfalls. AntiSocial was created with one idea in mind – to help you break your habits of checking and using your phone often.

How does it actually benefit you?

  • Take a 14-day challenge during which the app collects data about your phone usage
  • Get a breakdown of time spent on each activity
  • Get a grip of how much time you lose using different apps
  • Helps you quit your habits so you have more free time and remain focused

Get it here: AntiSocial

Stay on top of sales with Salesforce app

And of course you need to know how your business is performing. How sales are going and if your team is on track with their targets. This app requires you to have SalesForce in-house already, but it works so well it was worth the mention.

It’s geared towards managing the CRM from anywhere and allows you to manage leads, accounts, opportunities and collaborate with your team.

You’re not losing much when going mobile, as the app offers a lot that’s available to the desktop users:

  • Leverage the powerful reporting tools
  • Store and track information
  • Share ideas, files and other data with colleagues

Get it here: Salesforce1