5 signs your business needs a new phone system

Posted on 20th December 2018 under Blog.

Technology evolves at a faster rate every year and people are usually quick to adopt. Unfortunately, companies usually are a lot slower in that regard, especially when it comes to upgrading their processes.

Sometimes, the reason is existing systems work fine, or because cutting costs is important. After all if it isn’t broke why fix it, right? But this way of thinking isn’t quite right.

To stay competitive and to survive the ever-evolving business environment companies need to adopt the latest innovations in communication technology. This would essentially lead to providing customers with a better service, improve their satisfaction and increase sales.

Here are a few signs that it may be finally time to upgrade your company’s phone system:

1. Remote workers can’t stay connected

If your company has mobile employees, then it makes sense to make sure they have the right tools for the job. Be it sales executives always on the move, or remote technical staff, enhanced connectivity enhanced business continuity.

For example, if your existing system can’t transfer an inbound call to a colleague who is away from the office, then you might want to consider an upgrade.

2. Existing system doesn’t have scalability features

To stay competitive, a business needs to be agile, and a system which is restrictive won’t really help your bottom line.

A big sign you need a new phone system is when your business grows – are you able to add more extensions? Are you able to easily install new headset when expanding your office space? Can you add features as and when you need them? If the answer to all of these is ‘no’, then it’s time for an upgrade.

3. Using technically obsolete phone systems

Some older systems are so limited in features that they don’t even support call recording. That’s just an example because modern systems have moved on to even more comprehensive features, such as CRM integration.

However, it’s not only about the software, as the hardware is what often works against you, and not for you. Regular downtime, expensive and time-consuming maintenance, limited scalability, are all signs that an upgrade is long overdue.

4. Want to offload the IT management of the current system

Simplifying and streamlining your internal communication and workflows is another sign you’ll need a new business phone system. If you want to stop spending too much time dealing with an outdated phone system, your company can opt for a fully managed hosted cloud-based phones.

The entire infrastructure is managed remotely with minimal on-premises hardware. You’ll get an expert installation and support, so your staff can focus on the business rather than on the system.

5. You need more data to improve business decision making

Older phone systems are just not up to scratch when it comes to providing you with valuable customer data. A modern phone system based on VoIP is able to enhance your business intelligence.

Gather data on phone calls, average call duration, abandonment rates, location are all easily available cloud-based systems. It’s great for improving internal processes and workflows, but it’s also very useful when assessing customer satisfaction levels.

Don’t miss out

It’s clear how a new phone system can make your business better and your customers happier.

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