How different industries benefit from cloud-based solutions

Posted on 9th March 2018 under Blog.


For businesses, efficient communication with vendors, partners and customers is vital to success.

Do you currently use a traditional phone system?

These are often costly and offer insufficient communication within your business. As many as 80% of business owners are now opting for the cloud in some form, to bring unified communications within the workplace.

Unsure if adopting cloud solutions in your businesses is the right thing to do? After many years of working with businesses, we’ve identified the industries that can benefit the most from the cloud.

These are just a selection of industry-specific companies which can improve their daily communications by implementing a cloud-based telephone system.


Businesses in the hospitality industry can dramatically improve communications for customers – and their employees – by investing in a cloud-based telephone system.


Increase revenue
International calls made over the internet are significantly cheaper than when made through a traditional phone system. You can charge your guests less, which will be inviting

Connect multiple sites
With unified communications, each of your hotel locations could be connected seamlessly by being hosted on the same cloud-based system.

Managing call features
Hotels can benefit greatly from the call features available with a cloud-based phone system, such as missed call reporting, automatic dialling and call recording.

One of the most beneficial factors of a cloud-based phone system for hotels is that features and new lines can be added, or removed, as needed.

Restaurants and bars

Moving to the cloud brings better communication and Wi-Fi options.


Lower capital expenditure
Smaller or recently established restaurants can benefit greatly from a cloud-based system, as they won’t need to invest in pricey on-premise hardware.

The opportunity for expansion
If your restaurant is a chain and located in various locations across the country, a voice over IP (VoIP) phone system will allow flexibility, functional internal communication, and lower costs.

Guest WiFi
Moving your communications to the cloud would allow your company to take advantage of Guest WiFi.

Research shows that 78% of the public actively look for a public place where they can get connected. Restaurants and bars can offer the ability to log in via social media and raise brand awareness.

We were able to help Dead Canary in Cardiff to build customer loyalty, raise brand awareness, and maintain excellent service through offering Guest WiFi.

Leisure centres

Leisure centres can end up spending a fortune on their phone bill through choosing to use traditional individual phone systems on each site.

Moving to a cloud-based telephone system improves communications and saves thousands.


One central phone system
Moving to the cloud means all the business’s facilities are hosted on one network.

This means that communications between the facilities is seamless, with significantly fewer issues than a traditional system.

Backup connection
Downtime can mean losing potential bookings. With the cloud, there is a backup connection ready to take over the phone system in the event of a fault.

iCall Suite
If centres choose to move to the cloud, they are also able to use iCall Suite.

The tool delivers call reports, which give insight into peak hours, the number of answered and missed calls, customer engagement and fraud detection.

Easy support
Engineers have remote access to all the sites, meaning any upgrades or issues are rectified very quickly.

We helped Celtic Leisure, located in Neath, to connect their nine sites – and now it saves £14,000 annually. The business has over 200 employees which are now connected across all the facilities on one cloud-based network.


Businesses in the construction industry often have a high number of employees working across multiple sites, so reliable and efficient communication is vital.

It’s difficult to manage multiple projects from one office or reach someone who is on-site but away from the desk.

Budgets can often be tight, but with cloud-hosted communication systems, it’s possible to get the necessary quality.


Lower costs
Calls between sites and to suppliers are cheaper. In fact, calls are between 60%-70% cheaper with a cloud-based system.

Sites can seamlessly connect with the head office
With a cloud-based telephone system, all the sites can stay better connected.

We helped Alun Griffiths, a leading regional civil engineering and construction contractor, with a central IP telephone system and dedicated broadband. The company’s services include major and minor capital projects, maintenance contracts, partnering and joint ventures.


Cloud solutions improve customer service for businesses like opticians.


Better supported lines
Analogue lines can’t handle high volumes of calls. A VoIP system can support an unlimited amount of phone lines, meaning you can maintain a stable and resilient connection with potential customers.

No more missed calls
Businesses lose roughly £90 million per year due to missed calls. So, with missed call reporting, you can call back and not miss out on those customers.

We helped Perfect Vision, based in Cardiff, to achieve better communications in its business. Its previous telecom provider didn’t deliver a planned cloud-based solution, so Perfect Vision couldn’t offer the level of customer service it wanted.

Estate agents

Moving to the cloud offer the opportunity for mobile integration.

Sales and lettings agents need to ensure relationships with existing customers are maintained, and new business acquired through their communication systems. This is possible through moving to the cloud.

One central phone system
Through moving to the cloud, all sites can be connected to one phone system for more efficient communication.

Mobile app
Field-based staff, estate agents and maintenance teams can be in contact with one another to receive call-outs and updates with a mobile-integrated phone system.

Auto attendant
With the cloud, estate agents can implement an automated call-rerouting facility, so there’s no need for a full-time receptionist.

We helped Charles Perrett, a sales and property management agency based in Swansea. It needed a telecom company which could support its growing needs as a business, and successfully bring mobile integration.

Here at DataKom, we recognise that the future is the cloud. Our KloudPBX system uses industry-leading technology backed up by award-winning support.

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