Mobile Device Management Explained

Posted on 17th January 2019 under Blog.

As working practices have evolved the need for employees to work remotely has increased.  Employees need to access company information wherever they are at any time.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is software that allows a companies IT department to control, secure and enforce company policies on smartphones, tablets and other devices.


Mobile Device Management Features

  • Easily manage devices.  Fast enrolment, visibility of all devices and over-the-air management
  • Integration with enterprise systems to use existing IT investment for mobile devices
  • Content management.  Mobilize content and files to stay productive at anytime and location
  • Compliance and security to help you safeguard devices and data containing corporate data
  • Monitoring and reporting to track, diagnose and reslove device and user issues
  • Application management to distribute and secure business applications


Security features of Mobile Device Management (MDM)

  • Pin enforcement.  Password protection to the system.  Admins can manage PIN’s to lock individual devices
  • Full disk encryption.  Mobile Device Management (MDM) allows you to enforce encryption of any device that it manages.
  • Remote wipe in the case of the mobile device being stolen or lost
  • Secures data at rest and in transit.  The ability to stop certain data from being copied or sent whist on the device
  • Jailbroken or rooted devices detection. Jailbreaking poses a serious risk as it enables sers to install unapproved software and make changes to the mobiles operating system

Whether you control smartphones, tablets and laptops or oversee a mixed environment between corporate and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) DataKom Limited can provide you with a GDPR compliant solution used by 1000s of companies in the UK.  Contact us for a chat