Cloud telephony explained

Posted on 12th December 2016 under Blog.

Cloud Telephony – Is this the future of your business?

Business Cloud Telephone Systems (also referred to as VOIP/Hosted), are becoming more and more dominant in the business world of late. There are a few factors for this, with the most pressing one being the impending BT ISDN Switch off. All Businesses with ISDN now need to consider the alternatives, and make migrating to Cloud Telephony a priority.

Will Cloud Telephony offer the same service as my traditional office based system (PBX)?

A Cloud Telephony System provides a complete telecommunications service, with low initial investment, but the same features and capabilities you know and love from your traditional PBX. It allows Businesses to embrace true Unified Communications, with the potential to support your business outside of your office walls. It is a scalable and flexible solution which allows you to add and remove users on demand. Calls over internet provide the same quality as traditional methods, but massively reduce the cost of traditional voice calls over ISDN and Analogue Lines.

Do I need to act fast?

With an estimated 3 million Businesses UK Wide still using ISDN Technology, BT are advising to avoid the rush and futureproof your business at the earliest opportunity. However, there are systems in place now which offer a “Hybrid Solution”, so if you’re traditional PBX is still working effectively, there is the option to transfer your lines/calls only to SIP, and not go for the full Cloud System. This still gives you the cost savings and call quality of Cloud.

Can I speak to the experts?

With one of the largest in-house engineering teams in any Telecoms company in Wales, Datakom are in a great position to advise you further on Cloud Telephony, and what it can do for you.

We have an on-site showroom where we are able to demonstrate all of our products and services, so you can try before you buy, and familiarise yourself with the future of technology.

Call Datakom today on 01656 33 44 55 for further information.