Who are the best VoIP providers in Wales?

Posted on 13th February 2020 under Blog.

After the recent merge of DataKom and Pinnacle Telecom, the two businesses now stand as giants in the Welsh telecom industry – both retaining their existing clients and seeking further development.

DataKom are a leading Welsh telecommunications provider suppling businesses across the UK with the ideal business grade VoIP solution for their telephony needs.

We’re extremely passionate about new technology, as well as developing local businesses and assisting their growth by providing them with the right solution.

Who are the best VoIP providers in Wales

What is VoIP?

A VoIP telephone system is the perfect solution for businesses who want a robust system with all the latest features to boost business performance and customer service!

However, when seeking a VoIP provider there are a few factors in which you may need to consider:


  • Will your business be provided with the right solution?
  • What are you looking to achieve?
  • Is your business safe and future-proof?
  • Will you get the support and training you require?

Why the cloud? (VoIP)

Approximately 31% of all businesses already use VoIP due to its productivity-boosting and cost-saving features.

The reduction of on-site hardware makes the installation process much faster and scaling up your system to accommodate the growth of your business can be accomplished almost instantly.

This even applies in the case of mergers and business acquisitions. As a hosted system can be used across multiple sites, it is just as easy to add a new branch to your network as it is to expand for any other reason.

Using a Cloud based telephony solution equips your business with a significant amount of flexibility and potential growth. You can easily add devices to the network, combining voice, video, and other data across multiple platforms according to your needs.

Reasons to choose DataKom

We are passionate about providing our customers with the latest innovative technology, such as our specialist cloud (VoIP) solution and other telephony needs.

We have offices based in Wales and England with dedicated account managers for all of our customers to ensure they are provided with the up most care and satisfaction. If you don’t believe me, read our 230 plus five-star Google reviews.

If you already have VoIP installed, DataKom also offer a wide range of other business solutions, features and marketing tools which advance all types of businesses, such as:


  • Mobile phone plans
  • Business SMS
  • Guest WiFi
  • Network and Fibre cabling
  • Conference calling
  • Professional voice recording


To learn more about VoIP or even upgrade your business, call DataKom today to speak with one of our telecommunication specialists – 01656 33 44 55 or email us at sales@datakom.co.uk.