Robust telephony for the educational sector

Posted on 13th January 2021 under Blog.

Telecommunications are a vital part of how most people communicate, so ensuring you have an ideal and robust solution within your campus is vitally important. 

Our telephone systems are designed to deliver users the upmost satisfactory experience – with built-in flexibility and features to ensure a secure comms environment.

Why should schools have great telecommunications?

People ask, why do schools need good telecoms? The answer is short, and that is all organisations should have excellent telecommunications! Therefore it is important you know which provider can promise you the excellence your telecoms deserve.

You know your business and its sector more than anyone, however, do you know which telephone solution is suitable for you? Now you are speaking our language.

We can keep our promise

At DataKom we don’t just keep a faithful promise that we can supply you with the perfect telecoms for your needs, but we also pride ourselves on understanding the needs of education and its day to day communication demands. For instance, we know the importance of privacy amongst teachers and parents – that is why our telephony solutions are adapted with features to keep you and your information safe.

Features such as call recording, CRM integration and an ongoing relationship with an account manager to assist you with any queries mean Datakom are well placed to deliver what you need.

Robust telephony for the educational sector

What telephony solution we can provide you?

So, we have talked the talk, now it’s time for us to walk the walk, therefore we are pleased to introduce you to our cloud telephony range – KloudPBX! Our handsets are designed to adapt to all areas and tackle any communication challenge.

Cloud technology is the future of telecommunications, and our KloudPBX system is industry-leading and award-winning!

KloudPBX is a reliable platform which will future-proof your telecoms – with integrations to Outlook, CRM systems and your team’s mobile meaning your comms will take a step towards unified communications which is efficient, effective and worry-free when it comes to data loss.

Teachers can arrange meetings to discuss ongoing activities and student progress. Telecoms are important to a school where communication between teachers and parents is essential.

More modern telecom system like KloudPBX meets the needs of the current environment, including a school premise, with its feature-rich abilities, a wide range of functions such as call recording, CRM integration, auto attendant and so much more.

Has lockdown affected you and your processes?

The UK national lockdown has affected a lot of people and how they work, the lockdown means people are forced to work and educate remotely such as their homes. So how do you overcome the challenges of communication whilst working and educating from home if you work for the education sector?

We must evolve with the changing times to avoid falling behind, so how can KloudPBX assist in your remote working?

Firstly our KloudPBX telephone solutions are powered by VoIP, meaning they can be used anywhere at any time with an internet connection. (So basically anywhere) The systems can be moved from one premise to another, meaning you can take it home and continue your work there with no interruptions to your communications.

Calls can still be made internally and externally as if you were behind your desk within your place of work. Going hand in hand with some of the features mentioned within this article your remote set up will ensure your communications will be able to continue for as long as it’s needed.


Other benefits of KloudPBX

  • Lower spending on calls
  • Unified communications
  • Support business growth
  • Improve customer service


To learn more and have a free demonstration of our KloudPBX handsets contact us on 01656 33 44 55 or email or sales team at