Keeping the Earth protected and connected

Posted on 28th April 2021 under Blog.

With the recent passing Earth Day, now is a good time to recognise how important our precious planet which we all live on is. Businesses around the world can do their bit to help protect and preserve natural wildlife and sustain a longer and healthier Earth for future generations to come.

By implementing some of the below steps, you can do your bit to help reduce waste within the work place, meaning it will have a beneficial impact to our planet!

Electric modes of transport

A large number of businesses require some form of transport, whether it is a sales team meeting with clients, engineers attending a job or whatever your business needs. Making a steady switch to electric vehicles will not just hugely benefit in the reduction of carbon emissions, but it will also save your business money. Adopting electric vehicles will decrease the amount of money which you would spend on fuel, and with the money you save you can invest it into other areas of your business.

Cloud technology / telephony

Technology is always advancing, and cloud technology is defiantly the way of the future. With storage, telephony and so much more now running on a cloud system your business can save so much on time, money and physical office / working space. By implementing cloud telephony into your work environment, you are opening a world of benefits.

Cloud telephony (VoIP) has become the main source of tech in which businesses are powering their telecommunications. Cloud telephony is the ideal solution for all businesses looking to reduce their telephone spending as well as free up space within the office.

Cloud telephony will also benefit the environment, as it reduces the amount of physical hardware produced. Meaning less materials used, therefore less waste in the future. Another eco-benefit to cloud telephony is that most problems can we resolved remotely – reducing time and emissions for an engineer to come out and visit your site and resolve it.


Recycle as much as possible

Office waste such as paperwork, old machinery or even general waste should be reused or recycled to the best of the ability to help reduce the amount of world-wide waste. A lot of office waste will be recyclable, such as papers and plastics, with most old machines which can be donated.

By leaving recycling bins around the workplace your team will be able to recycle their waste easily.


Becoming an eco-friendly workplace has massive benefits for both you and the Earth. That is why we wanted to share with you some useful tips to help improve you understand and develop your business whilst sustaining a healthier world for us all.

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