How voicemail to email can improve business performance

Posted on 1st July 2019 under Blog.

Sitting in your office waiting by your telephone all day can be challenging, especially in the modern fast paced world we live in. With voicemail to email, this feature allows voicemails left on your work phone to be saved as an audio file and emailed to an email address or addresses that you set up notifying you of the message. You can then select the link in the email to listen to your voicemail message and then choose to reply via your mobile or smart device.

How can this feature affect your business?

The advantages of this kloud feature, is that it allows you to be able to leave your office handset unattended and still receive voicemails when absent from the office.

For example, you might find yourself out of the office at a meeting, or the office might be closed for the day, and you receive an important voicemail that won’t usually be attended too until you return to your office handset. Voicemail to email allows your voicemails to be sent from your office handset directly to your emails for you to access anywhere. As long as you have a device such as a smart phone to access your emails, listening to your voicemails has never been easier.

If necessary, you can contact that caller back using your mobile phone, narrowing the time that it would normally take for you to contact the caller back.

voicemail to email

Benefits of voicemail to email

The benefits of having this feature integrated into your business is that, you will improve your customer service and business performance. Allowing yourself quicker access to your voicemails and responding to missed calls faster meaning existing customers are kept happy and new customers are less likely to wait and go with a different business meaning you loss potential profits.