Stop Sell, ISDN and telephony upgrades

Posted on 14th April 2021 under Blog.

The year 2021 will continue to follow the stages of the Openreach ‘Stop Sell’ where they wish to achieve a complete switch-off of the ISDN telephone network by the year 2025.

Businesses which are still using the ISDN network who know nothing of the Stop Sell or the switch-off will need to learn the changes that will be happening to their telecoms system in the next few years. Getting an early understanding of the switch off will hugely benefit your business as you have time to plan and take action to avoid any challenges.

The term Stop Sell means Openreach will stop the sales of certain products (ISDN) in areas across the UK until the whole of the country is withdrawn from these systems. Different areas will be affected at different times over the next few months to years. So, what we would recommend doing is to find out when Openreach plan on disconnecting your area so you can be prepared ahead of time.

Why is the ISDN network being switch off?

BT have announced that by the year 2025 the entire ISDN network will be completely switched off. Meaning users of this solution will no longer be able to operate using it, alternatively needing to seek a replacement communications solution.

But why is it being switched off? The plan to switch off the network is due to its outdated technology struggling to keep up to speeds with other modes of newer communication systems. Like most commercial decisions, it is mainly driven by costs. The slow advancements with the system since its release now means it has become outdated and pricier among other means of telecommunication.

Telephone upgrades

To all users of the ISDN telephony network who are left unsure what to do when their system is switched off – this article is for you. We want to share with you how you can overcome the switch off and introduce you to an alternative telecoms solution.

The future of telecommunications in one word ‘VoIP’ which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP will not just replace the ISDN network; it will also allow your business to boost its communication efficiency with its feature-heavy interface.

There are many positive reasons to upgrade to VoIP, one being that fact that it is cheaper to have a VoIP solution than any other mode of telecommunications. It is cheaper as the solution runs entirely on your broadband/internet connection. Like Skype or WhatsApp, calls made on your VoIP handset run over the internet making internal and external calls completely free.

Whether you are ready to upgrade to VoIP or not, the upgrade is unavoidable. It might feel like a daunting task to completely replace your telephone system, but there should be no reason to fear change as VoIP is designed to benefit you and your business whilst saving you money and boosting efficiency.

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