VoIP provider in the UK

Posted on 13th July 2021 under Blog.

For businesses working in and across the UK, communicating with customers is an essential aspect of operating a business. Most customers today will find information on companies direct online via their websites or social media platforms. But when it comes to direct communication, they will most likely make contact by calling in to speak with a member of staff or management.

Telephone calling has been and will continue to be fastest and most reliable mode of communication for business or personal reasons. But does your telephone work in a way which benefits your business and helps you reduce your monthly phone costs? If not, then it is possible you are not using a VoIP telephone system or not getting the most out of your solution.

VoIP provider in the UK

Why does a business need VoIP?

Businesses all over the UK are upgrading their telephone systems to VoIP, and each have their own reason behind it.

Some businesses understand the importance of modern technology and how features of next-generation telephony can benefit their business, for others they need to improve the way they work and have discovered VoIP systems offer the flexibility they require. Some simply need to move away from ISDN connections as Openreach upgrade their exchanges.

By upgrading to VoIP, businesses will discover communication features such as call recording, call reporting and unified communications – these will transform any business into an efficient communication machine.

VoIP is suitable for businesses of all sizes, supporting the call handler and the caller – boosting the customer experience with features such as call queuing and routing, and improving efficiency.

VoIP telephony will also save your business money! How may you ask? VoIP calls are voice transmitted over the internet connection, where the communication uses a shared a broadband connection and not a traditional telephone line, saving costs on calls and line rentals.

Where to find a VoIP provider in the UK

There are many VoIP providers across the UK which can supply a feature-heavy and reliable telephone system that will take your businesses communications to the next level.

However, not all providers will commit to the customer care and on-going satisfaction once your installation is complete. We are proud to the largest VoIP provider in Wales, UK. DataKom have been connecting businesses across the UK for over 14 years with VoIP and other telephony technology. Each of our customers has their own dedicated account manager to assist and guide with any questions. We have a robust technical and customer support team who seek to resolve all issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

DataKom also offer a wide range of user guides and video support to help you get the most from your investment and weekly educational blogs (Such as this) to keep your industry knowledge updated.

To learn more about our VoIP handsets and the technology behind it, we would love to hear from you. Call us on 01656 33 44 55 or email sales@datakom.co.uk to book a free demonstration.