The easy transfer from ISDN to VoIP

Posted on 21st October 2021 under Blog.

As many are aware the ISDN Stop Sell, also known as the ISDN Switch Off has begun its phasing out process, across the UK. By the year 2025 the entire ISDN network will be obsolete, and users will be unable to use the technology. Therefore, we encourage existing users of the ISDN network to seek an alternative solution to overcome and avoid the difficulties they may face if left too late.

A quick recap – The Stop Sell or Switch Off is a process in which BT Openreach will replace the digital network with a full IP network, making way for next generation telephony.

But why are they doing this you may ask?

The short answer is that the old-fashioned legacy technologies come with associated maintenance costs and drawbacks. PSTN is the traditional telephone line network which carries analogue voice and data over copper lines. So, by switching to next generation telephony it will become more cost effective for both them and the buyer.

The easy transfer from ISDN to VoIP

What do I do if I still use an ISDN network?

If you’re still using an ISDN set-up there is no need to panic – as there is still plenty of time to research and find a next generation telecoms provider who will supply a solution for your business needs. Firstly, you can use our Stop Sell Checker to discover when your area will be affected. With this knowledge you will have time to prepare your business to reduce the pain of disruption.

Going forward from here you can go ahead with finding a supplier who can successfully upgrade your business and its communications.

What will replace the ISDN network?

The replacement from ISDN telephony will not just be a replacement, it will be a complete upgrade to your telecommunications. When you switch from ISDN to VoIP telephony you will be upgrading the entirety of how your business communicates.

VoIP telephony or hosted telephony will become the complete voice replacement to the ISDN network. With its feature-rich software that improves customer and staff experience, VoIP has rapidly become an office essential!

One of the key benefits to upgrading to VoIP is that it allows you to save money each month on your telephone bill – as VoIP telephony runs purely over your business’s broadband connection. Meaning, if your business is supplied with a fast and reliable broadband connection you can create and receive high-quality, cost-effective telephone calls often for free.

How do I find the right VoIP provider?

Finding the right suppler can take time, so how you use that time is valuable, as your next telecommunications supplier will be the supplier who takes you from one mode of communication to the next. Make sure when seeking a suppler they are a trusted VoIP suppler, who can offer you and your business a system that best suits your needs, with the essential extra features such as, call reporting and other useful communication necessities.

As a VoIP provider we invite you to contact one of our experts to learn more about our hosted telephony and other business products. You can speak directly with a member of our team on 01656 33 44 55 or alternatively you can email us