Never miss a call with remote working features

Posted on 2nd December 2021 under Blog.

It’s easy to say that the year 2021 was the biggest year for remote and home working. With more and more people having the option to work from home, within the office or on the road – remote working is now a common term within most business environments. Offering staff the option to work remotely has many benefits to the business and the individual. However, it does come with the challenge of communication. How will staff members stay in contact with customers, callers, and other team members other an email when working remotely?

Business telephony is very much the strongest mode of communication and will continue to be for the long hall. So, how can remote workers still supply excellent communication via the telephone when working away from the office?

Cloud-telephony at home

With cloud-telephony you can take your work with you, no matter where you go! By simply unplugging your cloud telephone from the office and relocating it at your home or desired remote working location, you can continue to make and receive business calls – with the caller being none the wiser to where you are.

With your cloud telephone you are able to access all the benefits of the telephone as you would if you were at the office. With the ability to transfer calls, put callers on hold and so much more. You can continue to work efficiently to matter where you are located. All you need is an internet connection to connect your telephone to, and you can continue communicating efficiently to matter where you are!

Mobile twinning for workers on the road

When you upgrade your business with cloud telephony, you get instant access to unique features which benefit call handlers and customers. With mobile twinning you and your colleagues are able to access calls which are made into the business whilst working away from the physical handset.

This feature works by allowing calls which are made into the business that go unanswered on-site to be redirected automatically to your choice of mobile phone.

This feature is brilliant for a sales team who wish to retain great customer service whilst working away from their office desk. Meaning calls do not go missed, and the customer is kept happy.

Never miss a call with remote working features

iPECS ONE – The new remote working application

iPECS ONE is a solution designed to optimise all of your business communication needs. With iPECS ONE you are granted the freedom to work from anywhere at any given time.

Start collaborating straight from your web browser or mobile application. This next generation of communication incorporates key tools designed to simplify interactions had with customers and colleagues. With the easy navigational screens and touch dial features, remote working will never be the same.

With the ability of making and receiving calls comes a wealth of collaboration tools in a slick intuitive interface. The iPECS ONE application will leaves you with a feeling that you have everything at your fingertips.


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