What are the benefits of VoIP for businesses?

Posted on 24th March 2021 under Blog.

You may have heard of the term VoIP, but what does it mean and how can it benefit businesses? Firstly, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which means calls made using a VoIP telephone system are made using the internet. Having your telecoms run on your businesses broadband connection can come with a huge amount of benefits to you (the user), your callers and your business. Let’s find out what they are.

What is VoIP?

As stated, VoIP telephony runs primarily on the user’s internet connection (Hence the Internet Protocol). Meaning if your business is supplied with a fast and reliable broadband connection your telephones can run smoothly and efficiently whilst delivering you a high-quality mode of communications.

There are no obvious differences when it comes to comparing VoIP handsets to traditional telephone systems. VoIP handset will look just like any other telephone (Some systems do come equipped with some additional extras – see benefits). Each handset comes standard with dialing keys, 1-9 with a handheld handset to hear and speak with.

How does VoIP work?

VoIP telephony has quickly become a popular mode of technology for businesses, medical practices and venues which use a telephone system frequently. But how does it work? VoIP telephone handsets plug directly into the router using an Ethernet cable, allowing calls to be made or received over the internet. The hardware is already set up within the handset with the software necessary to make the telephone work.

What are the benefits of VoIP for businesses

Where is VoIP used?

You can install a VoIP telephone in any type of business or building that offers an internet connection. VoIP can be used in most places, but the best place to use VoIP is at a location that is expected to make a large number of frequent telephone calls such as a working office, medical practice, warehouses, retail chains, hospitality venues and more.

The hardware is no bigger than a traditional handset and can fit nicely on most desks, reception areas and conference rooms.

The benefits of VoIP

There are many benefits to VoIP telephony, many already mentioned in this article. However, below you can find a few more of the benefits that VoIP can provide your business.


Scalable – Having a VoIP system eliminates the problem of having to invest in expensive hardware or more dedicated phone lines as your business gets bigger.

As you expand your telephone system can keep up assisting with business growth and development whilst retaining excellent communication. The best part about a VoIP set up is your business can never outgrow it.


Feature heavy – VoIP opens up a huge world of communication opportunities with its feature-heavy interface which benefits both the user and caller. Some of these features are:

– Call recording

– Call queuing

– Auto-attendant

– Call forwarding / transferring

– Call analytics

– Conference calls

– Do not disturb

– Speed dial (Flex keys)

– Voicemail to email

– CRM integration

– Caller ID

– And so much more


Flexible – With its built-in features VoIP can deliver a specialised solution for every user and their needs. A straightforward and intuitive web portal, it makes all manual changes easy.

Changes such as display names and flex key permission can be made in the web portal.


Cheaper calls – The great thing about VoIP is that it offers an excellent communication solution for its users, however, it comes without the additional call costs. VoIP transmits your voice over an internet connection using the IP protocol. This mode of communication is a huge benefit to most as it allows users to talk without paying for each call.

For instance, Skype, WhatsApp and other IP communication platforms operate in a similar way providing free calls/communication supported by the internet.


Great customer service – Internet-based telephones grant superb customer service, from the crisp and clear audio making conversations flow smoothly to the feature-heavy interface which can guide callers to relevant departments which they wish to speak with, saving them time and hassle.


Added extras – Some VoIP handsets have built-in extras to allow increased efficiency, some of these add-ons may include; a built-in touch screen tablet (iPECS LIP 9071). The tablet has a variety of uses, but its main key function is to share a video call.


All of our VoIP handsets come standard with some form of flex key(s), these are used to direct dial, transfer or call at a touch of a button and a loudspeaker button with volume control.

Why upgrade to VoIP?

For users who are not using VoIP may need to consider upgrading to a hosted solution before the year 2027. The reason we advise this is that most telephone systems that are not run on VoIP may be using a system called ISDN, and in the next few years on the run-up to the year 2027 the ISDN network will be phasing out until then in 2027, it will be completely switched off.


So ensure your telecoms are efficient for your business whilst assisting with future growth. To learn more about our VoIP handsets at DataKom contact us on 01656 33 44 55 or emails sales@datakom.co.uk.