Running Your Business With Fast Data

Posted on 4th December 2016 under Blog.

The ability to connect to the internet is essential to every business – but more so for companies that rely on cloud based services or those that download and upload a lot of content. If you’re unsure what to go for, we’ll listen and advise you on the type of broadband and connectivity you need. We offer everything from standard ADSL and leased lines to satellite internet and fibre broadband. Here are some broadband options:

Satellite Broadband

Is an excellent solution when you have either limited – or – no options for internet connectivity in your area. Simple installations, using a small dish on the outside of your business along with a set-up box inside, mean that you will be able to be connected to fast, reliable broadband, no matter where you are located. Once your satellite dish is installed, you will connect as you would to a conventional network or even connect wirelessly, allowing you to be able to access the latest internet services.


Is the connection to the internet via a telephone exchange. ADSL technology converts a standard telephone line into a high-speed digital connection. Utilising a splitter called a micro-filter, which plugs into a telephone socket, allowing for the separation of voice calls and broadband data. Typical speeds for ADSL lines have an average of 8Mb dependent on your proximity to an exchange.

Bonded Broadband

Many businesses have substantially increased their dependence on internet connections. They are are finding that a basic ADSL line no longer supports all of their data requirements. One option that can significantly increase speed and offer “must need” resilience is Bonded Broadband or ADSL Bonding. In simple terms, Bonded Broadband is where multiple ADSL lines are combined into one single connection offering improved download and upload speeds. Bonded Broadband is a cost effect solution for businesses as the requirements of internet connectivity continues to increase exponentially.