Great customer service: What is it to us, and how do we measure it?

Posted on 10th August 2017 under Blog.

At DataKom, we’re always looking at ways to provide the best possible customer experience. We regularly seek opinions and feedback based on the interaction that clients have had with our team.

What clients say

We are very proud to say that overall the feedback we receive from customers is to an exceptional standard. However, we would be fibbing to say that we don’t have the odd query raised that we need to look into further.

No one ever likes to hear something negative but in the long run we strongly believe it can be turned into a positive as procedures can be implemented for the benefit of our customers and us. It’s not always what is said, it’s what you do with it that matters. Feedback we often receive is how friendly our team is.

How we take their feedback onboard

We too dislike robotic responses to queries and our team will always go the extra mile to provide a truly personal, yet professional, service that will leave customers feeling happy.

We have all had experiences of calling companies and being left to feel like a number rather than a person in the end. This is the exact opposite to how DataKom wants their customers to feel.

Sometimes we have clients visit our head office in Bridgend to meet the team over a cup of tea and biscuits. And we enjoy our time with them.

Learning from our clients

We know that customers’ expectations often change and that there isn’t a set rule for how to provide great service. Client satisfaction is something that is personal to each and every person and business.

However, we do our best to meet all expectations by taking note of feedback received, regularly reviewing our procedures and looking at ways in which we can make our customers’ journey easier.

An invaluable tool available to all of our clients is our “Customer Portal”. We developed this in order to provide an instant access to our secure hub of account information. The portal allows customers to download invoices and see up-to-date information on support tickets.

Achieving more, together

We understand that for some of our clients the working day doesn’t finish at 5:30pm – so it’s important that they can have access to this information outside of the normal working hours.

Obviously, faults do not comply with the 9-5 work day and can develop at any time. That’s why we introduced an “Out of Hours” service, so if a customer experiences issues with their telephone line or broadband services outside of normal working hours, can report it. A member of our support team can then immediately start investigating the issue.

During normal working hours, we have designated departments to assist with any customer query. We have expertly trained people who have the tools and experience to respond quickly and efficiently.

Our Managing Director, Jay Ball, has always instilled into our team the importance of customer service as “without our clients there would be no DataKom”. Jay has often referred to them as “our boss”.

Everyone completely agrees with this ethos and ensures that they put customer satisfaction at the forefront of everything they do.