Welcoming New Digital Marketing Executive

Posted on 13th May 2019 under News.

DataKom continues to grow which means the team needs to expand, making new opportunities available!

We’re pleased to announce Samuel Sturgiss will be joining the team as our new Digital Marketing Executive to manage the internal and external communications within DataKom.

Sam will be working closely with the sales department assisting on campaigns to generate new leads and increase brand awareness through the use of social media, SEO, PPC & other general marketing activities.


Sam will also be managing all our social media and bringing far more video to our clients to assist with how to guides, reviews & more so watch this space!


Samuel Sturgiss comments:

“So far, I have been thrilled with my time at DataKom. I have learnt so much already and I know that the learning will just keep coming. The task I am looking forward to the most is going out and meeting with customers and creating the case study videos for the DataKom website. My colleagues are very friendly and helpful, and I look forward to being here to assist them and watch the company develop and grow around us all.”


Jay Ball (Managing Director) comments:

“Sam is a great story of how we bring through fresh talent into the business and develop within, as we actually met Sam in 2014 when he was studying cinematography & social media marketing in college and approached us for some work experience and 5 years later, we contacted Sam to join the DataKom team!

 I am very excited to see the new fresh ideas Sam will bring to the business, and utilising video far more within the business.”




Take a look at our interview with Sam below!