How can guest WiFi benefit your business?

Posted on 25th June 2019 under Blog.

Guest WiFi is a provided service by a business that offers their customers, free or paid internet access. With complete wireless accessibility built for multi-users, meaning guests will be able to access the internet at the location of the facility.

“Do you have WiFi?” is a popular question many businesses get asked. In fact, as many as 62% of businesses report that customers spend more time in their facility when WiFi is offered.

We make it easy for your customers to log on. Presenting users with a tailored home page as they register their details whilst offering several exciting opportunities to boost engagement, loyalty, sales and much more. By installing guest WiFI you can capture valuable data, create marketing lists and promote your products, services and special offers to your customers.

Beneficial features of installing guest WiFi

Track customer return rate

An advantage of being able to track how many customers return is a great tool, because you have full access to the analytics of how many people are returning to your business and how frequently they do so. This is a great feature for a start-up business to assist in your growth and marketing.

Retarget customers

When customers log into your provided guest WiFi, you gather customer data, which with this data you can create a marketing list which you can use to retarget customers. By retargeting customers, you are given the ability to entice them back once again, building customer trust and satisfaction.

Self-endorsement on social media

By allowing customers to access WiFi at your business your allowing them access to their social media accounts, where they might possibly share their location, post photos or leave a positive review of your company. They might even invite their friends and family to join them at your business, resulting in free advertising and an increase in customers.

Branded landing page

When customers go to register to the guest WiFi for the first time they will be greeted by a branded landing page. This strengthens your brand as people can see your business name and or logo, resulting in building your brand awareness and customer trust. Once the user has registered they will be taken to a page of choice, whether that is the companies website, social media or anything that you believe is necessary.


Guest WiFi is a great marketing feature to implement into most businesses which increases customer satisfaction and trust, whilst also benefiting the company.

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