7 advantages of a VoIP telephone system in your business

Posted on 29th August 2019 under Blog.

VoIP stands for voice-over-internet-protocol or better known as – telephone services over the internet. With a high-quality internet connection, you can make your calls over an internet connection instead of using a traditional phone system. Small or large businesses can hugely benefit from using a VoIP solution as it can provide several great advantages, many of them very useful for all types of businesses. – Let’s explore some of our favourite!

Low cost calls

Making calls using your internet connection often means there will be less spend on telecommunications, as your telephone lines run through your internet service.

With a fibre or high-speed internet connection, you have 24/7 access to reliable internet so you can make very low-cost (often free) phone calls from any telephone device that is compatible with VoIP.

Advantages of VoIP

CRM integration

A CRM platform is a tool that businesses can use to keep track of their interactions with potential and current customers. One of the key advantages of a VoIP system has to offer is the connection between your telephone system and customer database (CRM).

When your desk phone rings – we will display a software popup of the caller on your PC showing the callers business and name, which allows the best person to answer quickly & take them straight to the customer record with one click of the popup. Calls can then be added into the history if required for future analytics.

Feature-rich solutions such as call recording

VoIP is a form of technology that enables you to use the internet to make calls – unlike traditional telephone systems which use an older method such as an ISDN lines.

When using a VoIP system, you can expect to gain access to some unique features which are especially beneficial for business owners in sustaining a positive customer relationship.

Some of the great features you can take advantage of when using a VoIP solution are, call recording, call transferring, on-hold advertising, voicemail to email, mobile twinning and much more!

Focusing on the call recording feature – this allows you to record all the calls for a set period of time in and out of the business which gives you instant 24/7 playback & download options via the web portal.

High quality audio

If you are using a high-quality internet connection, such as a fibre connection – you can expect your telephone system and calls to also be high-quality.

Using our KloudPBX product which is a full cloud solution, we provide HD calls via our own handsets, which means the quality is full high definition, allowing you to have a great and clear conversation with your customers.


A VoIP network allows you to have a great deal of flexibility – allowing your business to have multiple handsets across multiple locations. There are a wide range of handsets that can run on a VoIP solution, and each handset comes with its own features which can benefit the user. To find out more about VoIP handsets visit our product review page.

Our KloudPBX system gives you a true end to end solution meaning the handset & system is one manufacturer, unlike most systems which are fully SIP and don’t have their own proprietary hardware.

However – the great news is, we also do provide a connection for 3rd party SIP handsets if you have existing handsets you invested within previously.

advantages of voip

Future proofing

Another advantage of VoIP is the future-proofing that it gives to your business. Old technologies are being faded out – such as ISDN. By replacing your businesses telephone system with a VoIP system such as KloudPBX, you can be sure that your telephony is up to date and doesn’t risk becoming outdated and left behind.

When upgrading to KloudPBX, you are not only upgrading your system to today’s technology but also tomorrow’s as we provide all future updates free of charge as part of your continued subscription.

You can be assured that you’re using a modern standard for telephony communication, making your business safe for the future.

Prepared for the ISDN switch off

Another great thing to know which is beneficial of using KloudPBX – is it will help your business prepare for the ISDN switch off in 2027.

By switching to VoIP, you will have beaten the ISDN switch off dates, which will impact all big or small businesses who don’t use VoIP. A VoIP telephone system can help get your business future proofed and ready for that big change.

If you’re interested in upgrading your telephone systems to VoIP, or would like to book yourself a free demonstration on how a VoIP telephone system works, call us on 01656 334455 or alternatively, you can email us at sales@datakom.co.uk