What does your voicemail say about your business?

Posted on 11th June 2019 under Blog.


What is a voicemail?

Voicemail is the audio message attendant you hear when you call a company or business and no-one answers. It normally provides information about the business and the next step the caller needs to take to contact the business if the phone line is busy or unattended. It will advise the caller to leave a message with their name, contact details and the reason for their call. So, when the customer is contacted back the business knows who they need to call, how to contact them directly and what their call was in regards too.

Why is voicemail important for a business?

Missed calls means missed business, which means missed profits. With the added feature of a voicemail to your telephone systems, customers are able to leave details for their call with information for the business, so when the customer is contacted back the business knows the relevant information, making the call back simple.

No one likes to call someone, especially a business and not get an answer. But with a personal voicemail reassuring the caller their call will be returned and all questions and queries will be answered. This gives the customer the reassurance and customer service that customers expect from a business, saving them from going elsewhere, resulting in not losing a sale.

On-hold voice-over

On-hold voiceover or on-hold advertising can improve customer service, getting your message and information across, assist in directing calls to the right place and improve how people see your brand or business.

On-hold voiceover is a useful tool to add to your telephone system, as it can save you and the caller time. On-hold voicemail can guide the caller to the right department of the business that can assist their enquires or even purchases.

On-hold voiceover can also educate the caller and potentially inspire them to purchase something they didn’t even know you offered. For example, when the caller is on hold, and the on-hold voice over begins, it can advertise new services or products that you offer. In this short time the caller is on the phone they now know more information about your business than the average customer just by simply being on-hold.

Personalised voicemail

Keep on brand with a personalised voiceover message with a choice of voices and speech tones to fit the style of your business. Guide callers in the right direction their call needs to be attended too by using a friendly greeting or voicemail attendant who gives the caller all the relevant information they need to know or how to receive a call back from a member of staff if the phone line is unattended. This will keep a good relationship between you and your customers, keeping existing customers happy and not losing any new customers by missing their calls.