3,000 KloudPBX users!!

Posted on 17th September 2019 under News.

As of today – 3,000 businesses have used DataKom to future proof their business by upgrading to their telephone systems to Kloud!

Businesses such as, Great Bear Health Care, Clee Tompkinson Francis, Hurley Building Contractors & many more!

Hurley Building Contractors have taken us over the 3,000-user mark today, and we couldn’t be happier for them and all of our existing KloudPBX users.

As of today, 3,000 telephone system users now run completely on a VoIP system, allowing their business to run far more efficiently.

How do KloudPBX users benefit?

A Kloud-based system provides business transformation, making daily communication challenges simple.

With integrated features and solutions to make your telephone even more efficient and user friendly, whilst boosting user performance and customer service with add-ons like call recording.

Additionally, our Kloud solution –  will often cut your phone bill costs – as the system runs completely on VoIP, better known as ‘VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL’.

So, all you need is a reliable internet connection to ensure your calls are FREE! (which we can also provide!)


Jay Ball (Managing Director) comments:


Celebrating 3000 users is a massive achievement, and something our entire team are proud to be shouting from the roof tops.

It gives new and existing customers the confidence to know that our Ericsson-LG cloud based solution is reliable, cutting edge & meeting the demands for so many other businesses.

We have loads of case studies, video guides & more to really promote the product & service we can offer – so with this news, it just backs up everything we rave about.

Thank you to Adrian & Claire at Hurley Building Contractors for agreeing for us to use their business in our celebration, and also in choosing the right provider for a reliable and innovative solution.

Now onto the next 1000 users – could this be you? We’d love to speak to you about your business telecoms & see if we can be landing at your offices with balloons and celebrations soon.