Mobile Twinning

Posted on 18th June 2019 under Blog.

Mobile Twinning is a feature that uses KloudPBX, allowing the user to link their office handset to their smartphone or mobile device. This means that whenever their work handset rings, so will the “twinned” phone. If the call isn’t answered on either device, the office phone system will pull the call back and put the caller into the work voicemail. The reason for mobile twinning is to allow the user more flexibility to free them from their desk and still receive and answer calls wherever they are whilst away from their office.

Improve customer service

If customer service is important in your line of work, mobile twinning allows businesses to stay on top form whilst continuing with their normal day to day activities. Giving the user all day access to incoming work calls with the paired device, making themselves available to assist in all customer calls wherever they are when away from the office.

mobile twinning

Features of mobile twinning

Mobile twinning supplies the ability to use a kloud-based telephone system at the work place to be paired with a smart phone or device, allowing the user the opportunity to never miss a business call when they are away from their desk.

If the business is finding itself missing customer calls, or business calls as sometimes staff members are absent from their desk for long periods of the day, mobile twinning gives them the freedom to come and go and still access incoming calls and answer them using their smartphone.

If a call is answered on a paired device, and the user is away from the office, or work space and the call needs to be dealt with back at the office, calls are easily transferable from the paired device back to an office handset for a colleague to answer.

Another great benefit of this feature is that the caller will be unaware that their call has been redirected to a paired device. Keeping the call as comfortable and as smooth for the caller as possible.

So overall mobile twinning retains the businesses high standard of customer service by being able to answer customer calls and never leaving calls go unanswered. Increase business profits by being able to answer customer calls throughout the day and decreases the chances of losing new customers by missing their calls.