How to get more out of your conference room

Posted on 20th September 2019 under Blog.

Conference calling makes group calls simple, by communicating with multiple people in or outside of your business.

Making sure your conference room and conference devices are optimised allows you to benefit fully from your conference meetings, and additionally reducing the cost for calls. Conference calling is an ideal mode of communication for when it comes to speaking with a larger audience – so it is important to maximise your work space to ensure your conference meetings run as smoothly as possible.

conference room

Internet connection

If your using a VoIP conference system such as a Yealink CP960 – which runs on an internet connection. You need to make sure you have fast and reliable internet to ensure your call quality is not affected or even cut off.

Making conference calls where you speak to multiple people (sometimes all over the world) through a VoIP system can save you a huge amount of money – as you won’t be paying per call. As most modern businesses will have internet it makes sense to use a VoIP telephone system.

Additionally, some businesses are using an ISDN line – which are being switched off by the year 2025. So, ISDN users will have to transfer their telephone lines to a more modern system such as VoIP in the next few years to avoid business disruption.

Conference room accessories

Having a variety of accessories in your conference room can really complement it – by having a television or projector so you can take part in video conference calls or host presentations for an internal conference meeting. Additionally, installing a camera or a video telephone so you can take full advantage of video calling.

Having a table and chairs might be an obvious to most, but by offering a wide seating area and table for people present to use to rest paper or laptops to take notes.

Handsets and conference devices

Having the correct conference phone can really benefit any conference room, especially if you are calling multiple sites over multiple locations. Using VoIP devices such as a Yealink CP960 for larger group calls, over a wide location. With features such as clear 360 audio from the main base, two wireless microphones for larger office spaces and much more.

Then there are handsets such as the iPECS LIP 9071 for smaller conference calls. This handset is ideal for a single person or small conference meeting. This handset contains fantastic features such as a 7-inch LCD touch screen, HD video & audio call, 3-way audio conference, a built-in camera and so much more!

Conference telephones
Using KloudPBX in your conference room

Upgrading your conference room to kloud can be hugely beneficial to your business, allowing your business to become more efficient, gain access to newer handsets and features and most importantly helping your business save money.

To take your conference room to the next level and fully optimised make sure you contact DataKom on 01656 334455 – we specialise in making businesses future proof with our Kloud-based solutions – so what are you waiting for, your business could be next!