Growing a small company with VoIP and with modern strategies

Posted on 13th November 2019 under Blog.

It can be a tough fight in the business world, with competitors left, right and centre! There can be a lot to take on – so if you’re facing this challenge you need to make sure you go into it with the best chances possible.

Small businesses have many opportunities to allow themselves to grow – taking advantage of today’s modern technology strategies to utilise and benefit their business.

These strategies will ensure a business saves money, generates new customers and retains excellent customer service!

VoIP for small business

VoIP telephony

Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as IP telephony, is a method and group of technology for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over an internet connection.

VoIP will change the way your company works, from the way staff operate internally, to assisting the customers who call you.  VoIP will enhance all of your business telephone communications.

VoIP will also remove some call costs by converting all calls from a standard telephone or ISDN line to the internet, meaning very little ongoing call costs.

Social media

Social media is a free and an easy marketing tool which can be used for any and every industry – helping you to build an online audience, keeping them updated with business changes and making sure you stay in touch with customers.

By posting regular updates across your social channels will encourage people to visit your website or even your facilities – building trusts between you and your potential customers.

You can also track your followers and engagement rate to see what posts work best for your business.

Fibre internet connection

Having fast, reliable internet can positively impact any business’s performance – by ensuring the work flow continues to run smoothly with very little disruption.

Devices such as computers, cloud-based telephones and smart devices will benefit the most as the clarity and functionality will operate at its optimum speed – ensuring you are getting the most out of your systems.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Your business is unlikely to grow if you don’t optimise your website and content. Using keywords will assist in search engine development to ensure customers can view your business organically on search engines such as Google & others.

Utilising SEO tactics combined with social media for your business will help you grow at a rapid pace – meaning more people will be able to see you online, resulting in people visiting your business.

If you would like to learn more about these tactics such as VoIP telephony or fibre broadband contact DataKom, call us on 01656 33 44 55.