Five ways to reduce lost calls

Posted on 9th December 2019 under Blog.

Communication is vital for businesses to help operate and continue to grow – a huge 65% of customers would prefer to contact a business via the telephone. So, making sure you have a reliable telephone system installed can have a real positive impact on your business.

Most businesses are now switching over to VoIP, or a cloud-based solution to not just avoid the ISDN switch off in 2027 but to also access amazing features to assist business performance – features that will allow you to minimise missed calls and assist in business development.

Here are a few ways in which you can reduce missing incoming calls:

missed calls
  1. Attendant

Attendant functions will allow customers who are dialling into the business the choice to pick which department they wish to speak with. For instance, press 1 for sales, 2 for support and so on.

This feature will share and direct calls to the relevant department of the business they wish to speak with – this will reduce the amount of incoming calls to the incorrect department freeing up other member of staff’s time.


  1. Mobile twinning

This feature allows you to link your smartphone or mobile device to your office handset – meaning calls which come directly to your works phone will also ring though to your mobile phone.

This will drastically reduce the amount of missed calls as even when your away from your desk you are still able to answer work related calls.

This feature is ideal for office staff who find themselves out of the office frequently such as sales representatives.


  1. Voicemail to email

Voicemail to email is very similar to the above feature – however instead of calls being directed to your mobile, your voicemails from your work desk phone are sent automatically in an email for you to access on your smart phone, computer or laptop, this allows you to listen and then call back if required.

This unfortunately won’t reduce the amount of missed calls; however, it will increase your customer service – by being able to contact customer back quicker even when you are away from the office.


  1. Day and night mode

Similar to mobile twinning night mode can redirect calls to other telephones – either a mobile or another handset you might have in your home so you can continue to answer work calls out of hours, minimising the chances of losing business. (don’t forget you can also just divert to a voicemail service!)


  1. iCall Suite and wallboards

iCall Suite is a call reporting and analytics application which integrates with your cloud-based telephone system allowing you to manage calls, missed opportunities and more.

This powerful tool is designed to give accurate analytics of your business communication via a quick snapshot or a more in-depth report.

To complement this, you can display a real time wallboard so the team can view and encourage themselves to work towards bettering the business utilising GOS (Grade Of Service).

GOS, or Grade Of Service – is a function which allows you to set ‘acceptable’ parameters of your answer time which you may deem as great service, and therefore a GOS function allows you to quickly determine a percentage of calls within a tolerative acceptance level.



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