Are your telephone calls recorded?

Posted on 18th February 2020 under Blog.

Most businesses have some sort of call recording or call analytics to identify how their calls are being reported and dealt with.

Having call recording implemented into your business can be hugely beneficial to all who wish to use the telephone – call recording comes with a handful of advantages which your business can undertake to boost productivity, improve customer service and increase staffs work performance.

Are your telephone calls recorded

Call recording boosts productivity

Call recording is a powerful tool which stores telephone calls for you to monitor your business communications, allowing you to run your business more intelligently by identifying user errors, customer complaints and much more.

Customer enquires can be logged and returned to at a later date for you or other staff members to review and take control over to potentially make a sale in the future.


Call recording improves customer service

Customer satisfaction is retained with call recording – you can rely on your call recording to store your call data for you to listen back to at a later date, ensuring all customer information can be reviewed to prevent minor mistakes.


Call recording increases staffs work performance

Staff of a business which provides call recording can listen back to past calls that have been recorded for training purposes – for example, how to behave on a call with a customer, or how to deal with a customer complaint over the telephone.

Call recordings are a great way for new staff members to gain confidence to handle stressful or unusual situations on the phone – developing their customers service and communication skillset.

How do I record and track my calls?

iCall Suite is a reporting solution which helps you track call recording on your cloud-based telephone system. You can monitor business call performance with real time reports with a wallboard dashboard to optimise your business.

Our iCall Suite solution is ideal for any business looking to expand their work flow, as it will help you identify and understand your call traffic and improve errors you or your work force may be making – such as tracking and recording calls and enquires.


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