Improve efficiency with business SMS

Posted on 17th March 2021 under Blog.

Business SMS is a powerful tool that allows you to communicate directly with your customers via text messaging. SMS marketing allows you to send custom made text messages directly to your customer’s mobile device – send those special offers, promotions, event reminders (appointments), business updates and more. You can customise each message to focus on your business and its intentions, whether you wish to generate more sales and so on.

With its reporting software, you can track how many messages deliver to your customers, so you can monitor how successful your SMS campaigns are – using this data you can A/B test future marketing campaigns to ensure a higher ROI.


Polite reminders

Business SMS is an ideal solution for doctors’ practices, restaurants and other venues which make appointments or bookings as it allows them to send a gentle reminder that they’re booking. This will decrease the amount of missed appointments/bookings meaning less time wasted on people forgetting to turn up.


Promote business and deals

Businesses can use SMS to their advantage, for customers on the marketing list you can contact them directly to their smart device advertising new deals, promotions or events.

For example, if a restaurant used business SMS and they wish to attract more people on quieter days, they can message previous customers about deals to attract them back on quieter days.

94% of the UK population own a mobile phone, so take advantage of this fantastic tool to communicate with your customers.

business sms

How can I collect data to send SMS marketing?

For most practice surgeries or places where customer/patient data would be on file, these modes of marketing may not apply to you.

DataKom: Guest WiFI is an advanced, cost-effective marketing tool to track customers/visitors who enter your business and sign up to the WiFi. This solution provides customers with a free or paid WiFi connection for guests to sign up to, entering their data such as name, telephone number, email and so on for them to gain access to the connection. 

By installing DataKom guest WiFi you can capture this valuable data to create future marketing lists such as your business SMS. The best part about this data is that you know that each contact has been a previous customer, so they may be willing to spend again in the future.

How can SMS benefit your business?

SMS text messaging services complement your business by assisting your communications. You can send bulk messages to enhance efficiency and repeat business. You can send one or thousands of messages at a time – completely depending on what you wish to achieve with your SMS campaign. 

So what are you waiting for? Contact DataKom to take your business to the next level of efficient communication. Call us on 01656 33 44 55 or email our sales team