Why and how to future-proof your telephony today

Posted on 16th March 2020 under Blog.

Businesses large and small need to modernise their communications systems to stay ahead of the coming changes. What many businesses don’t actually realise is how many benefits this modernisation carries, particularly if they migrate to a cloud telephony system.

Cloud telephony is a revelation for business communications in so many ways, and some newer systems are even more advanced and convenient than the older VoIP services such as Skype.


To start with, using cloud telephony significantly reduces business phone line and contract bills, as there is no line rental or contractual commitments for various different services. In addition to the lower costs, which is music to any business owner’s ears, cloud telephony is much simpler and easier to control than legacy systems.

Like many SaaS-based tools, (Software as a service)  cloud telephony gives you and your team the ability to use your own devices to make business calls, add and remove users whenever needed and work from any location you want.

Why and how to future proof your telephony

Now 5G is here...

The ISDN switch off is not the only imminent technology revolution that the cloud can help protect businesses from.

5G, the next generation of cellular technology, has been launched in the UK over a handful of cities – and this will completely transform the way business communications are approached. Offering an increased bandwidth and over a gigabit per second in data transfer rates, 5G will bring mobile internet speeds the likes of which are only currently possible over direct fibre connections.


The biggest benefit this will bring to businesses, and particularly new start-ups, is that it negates the need for any physical phone line or internet infrastructure. Kitting out a building with Ethernet cables, fibre and servers carries a sizeable cost, whereas the arrival of 5G brings the potential for everything to work around a single piece of equipment.


Bringing this back to cloud telephony, these systems currently use Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks in order to work their magic, and the arrival of 5G will only serve to strengthen the quality of service users will experience. This means that cloud telephony is at the forefront of telecoms innovation, and is the safest route to take for business owners who want to safeguard their future operations.



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