How to make your business more efficient

Posted on 26th August 2021 under Blog.

Business efficiency may not be the forefront of every business, all of the time. Managing your own time, employee’s workload and even technology within the organisation can take up a large portion of your focus. Implementing effective tools allows a company and everyone within it to work efficiently. We have provided a few simple features in which any business can adopt to become more efficient.

VoIP telephony increases communication efficiency

Business communication could be the make or break for an organisation. So, is there a solution which can incorporate a high-quality communications system as well as improve efficiency within the business. YesVoIP can do just that and more! With many features which improve the user’s efficiency, saving them time and adding features that ensure each call is handled perfectly.

There are also benefits that enhance the callers and customer’s experience. When calling into your business, customers will receive a seamless and positive experience, from which they will be more inclined to purchase time and time again. Overall, hugely impacting your business and its profitability.

How to make your business more efficient

Use relevant technology where it is needed

Technology is there to make tasks easier and quicker. For instance, emailing and telephone calls grants users the ability to access instant communication and share information directly with each other.

Alternatively, there are other modes of technologies such as, Business SMS,  which provides a unique platform tailored to boost efficiency and save businesses time. Business SMS is a powerful tool which can help you directly communicate with customers. SMS marketing allows you to send multiple messages directly to your customers mobile phones at the click of a button.

Simply write up your message and send to a bulk load of desired contacts, instantly or at a scheduled time– saving you masses amount of time.


DataKom are committed to improving your business efficiency and can supply both modes listed to ensure your business and its staff run as smoothly and effectively as possible. To learn more about us or other services we provide please contact us on 01656 33 44 55 or email