How to grow your business in 2021

Posted on 26th January 2021 under Blog.

January 2021, the start of a new year and new beginnings, with the opportunity to grow a new or existing business. But how do you do that you may ask? Well luckily for you we have listed the best strategies for you to help grow any business organically during 2021.


Fast broadband connectivity

Wherever you are based, whether that is an office or remote, ensuring your internet connection or works broadband connection is strong and reliable is a key essential to ensuring workflow can run smooth and efficiently.

Take time to find the ideal provider that can ensure they power your business with fast and reliable connectivity!


Website and social media presence 

Complimenting your business with a website you will play a big role in growing your business in 2021. Owning a website will open up a whole new world of online opportunities to reach new customers. With the combined power of a website and a strong social media page, your digital footprint will increase with ease – meaning huge potential to make new sales.


VoIP telecommunications

When upgrading your telecommunication to VoIP you don’t just upgrade your telephone system, you upgrade how your business communicates. VoIP transforms how you communicate in and outside of your business whether that’s conference calls, speaking with customers or suppliers and so on.

Allow your businesses telecoms to be powerful by hosted telephony you will soon see a huge increase in staff productivity as well as a great decrease on your monthly phone bill. VoIP handsets come standard with features designed to boost user’s efficiency and experience.

VoIP also allows you to work remotely with ease. Handsets are easily transferable from location to location allowing you to work from where you want including your home with zero business interruptions.


Video camera

Owning a video camera allows you or your marketing department to capture original and unique inside photos and videos of your business to share on your social media. Building a strong brand image is a powerful tool when marketing your business online as it develops trust between you and your customers. This is a simple but very effective tool to implement to help your business grow.


VoIP solutions to help you grow

At DataKom we have been supplying businesses across the UK with expert telephony solutions for over 13 years, and our clients range from small to large companies such as Aston Martin, Specsavers and Welsh Assembly.


Our solutions are designed to grow alongside your business and assist your business with its expansion. VoIP benefits your business in many ways, depending on your communication needs. Your hosted solution will allow your business to run its communications with its utmost efficient level, allowing you peace of mind whilst saving you money on your telephone calls.



So, to help grow your business this year upgrade your telecommunications to VoIP by contacting us today on 01656 334455 or email