Communication to get your dental practice smiling

Posted on 13th September 2021 under Blog.

A good dental practice ensures its patients are left feeling happy and hygienic – with high standard in oral care. Your patients should feel comfortable and respected when visiting your practice. We understand that customer care and satisfaction are of upmost importance and that is why we dedicate ourselves to ensuring our customers are equipped with a solution that is not just of the highest quality, but also improves the overall communication and efficiency.

So, if you’re looking to clean up and improve overall communications at your dental practice, then you’ve come to the right place. Below we have provided a list of solutions which will benefit all dental practices.

Communication to get your dental practice smiling

Feature rich hosted telephony

When implementing hosted telephony into your dental practice you instantly upgrade your entire practice and its communications. With feature rich telephony your staff will maximise efficiency when communicating with patients. Features such as call recording which help document information and resolve disputes. Auto attendants help guide and assist patients when they call into your practice and there are these and many other features which you can take advantage of!

Another huge benefit to installing a hosted telephony system into your practice is it will reduce the overall spending on your telephone bill, as hosted telephony is powered by your internet connection and calls are made over the internet and not traditional lines.

Business SMS platform

The SMS platform is designed to allow businesses and dental/medical practices to communicate directly with its customers or patients with short messages to their mobile phones, to inform them on future products, services or reminders. Dental practices can adopt this unique strategy to bulk load text messages to patients to remind them of upcoming appointments, services or offers.

The feature will expand the reach you have with patients and overall help reduce missed appointments resulting in less time wasting of the dental surgeons.

Dedicated broadband connectivity

There are many benefits to a reliable and fast broadband connection within your practice. Firstly being, your hosted telephony will be able to run at its upmost reliable and efficient speed – allowing users and callers to speak clearly with next to no disturbances.

Secondly, all other internet-based equipment and machinery will run at a high standard allowing the practice and its staff members to work at their desired pace. This will allow your dental practice to grow and retain a strong and healthy workflow.

So, begin taking care of your dental practice by contacting DataKom and adopting these simple changes to keep your practice running clean and shiny. Contact us on 01656 33 44 55 or email