Add VoIP to your sales team

Posted on 2nd November 2021 under Blog.

You most likely have a strong workforce with a reliable sales team who ensure communication is kept to a high standard and customers are satisfied. The thought of expanding on your sales team should always excite you and the workforce. But what if we would to recommend adding something other than a new salesperson to the team – perhaps, a telephony system?

There are many benefits to adding VoIP telephony to your business and sales team, and in this article, we are going to share how your team can take advantage of this technology.

Efficient communication

Take your sales communications to the next level by introducing VoIP to the department. Your business communication will become second to none with VoIP features which boost efficiency and communication.

Your team will be able to communicate freely, using high-quality audio handsets with built in flexible buttons to make internal and external communication easier. With the ability to transfer calls, put callers on hold and transfer calls to your mobile device. Your sales department will become an even stronger team with the added extra efficient and flexible communication VoIP can provide.

Add VoIP to your sales team

Increase customer satisfaction

VoIP telephony will act as a salesperson of its own, with features which benefit your sales team and customers. VoIP telephony can be tailored to benefit any business and department within to accommodate customer service and communication.

VoIP can provide features to ensure less customer calls are missed, response times are quicker and so much more.

VoIP telephony is designed to ensure productivity is at its highest and your sales team can provide the utmost high standard of customer service and communication.

Save the business money

A huge benefit of VoIP telephony is it saves your business money each month on its telephone bill. Businesses which adopt VoIP will find themselves spending less each month on their telephone costs due to the fact VoIP telephony is powered strictly over your internet connection. If your business is supplied with a high-quality and reliable connection, you can be assured your telephony will run smoothly and cost-effectively.

With the additional notice of the ISDN Switch Off, businesses are going to have to make the switch from traditional telephony to VoIP sooner than they think.


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