5 features on KloudPBX to boost your team’s performance

Posted on 9th July 2019 under Blog.

These 5 features of KloudPBX will benefit your team’s performance inside and out of the office. Whether they assist in keeping in touch with customers whilst away from your desk, or recording and tracking calls to ensure you never miss a call again! KloudPBX provides a full range of unique features to boost your business’s performance and overall customer service.


Mobile twinning

Mobile twinning allows your team to access work calls whilst away from the office. Mobile twinning is a feature that pairs your smartphone or mobile direct to your office handset, allowing you to receive business calls either on your office phone or mobile device. Making sure you never miss an opportunity to answer an incoming call whilst away from your desk. Calls answered on a mobile device are also transferable back into the office if required.

Call transfer

Transferring calls can be a very useful feature for most work spaces with multiple handsets. On Kloud-based telephones there is a handy transfer button, pressing this button will allow the user to transfer the current call to another handset, whether that’s to an internal number or external. This is a useful feature to quickly divert calls to the relevant department in the business, saving you and the caller time.

Voicemail to email

Send voicemails to your email and get real-time voice message access. You will be notified each time a voicemail message is sent to you. You can click and listen to your voice messages via your computer, smart phone, or mobile device.

Integrating this feature into the relevant departments of the business can be very beneficial to the team. For example, if you allow your sales team to use this feature, they will be able to access their emails whilst away from their office handset, reducing the time between returning calls to customers. You can even forward the voicemail message on to a colleague so they could act for you too – if you are tied up.

Call recording

The built-in call recording service, records telephone conversations over VoIP in a digital audio file format. Call recording is distinct from call logging and tracking, which record details about the call as well.

One of the most important reasons why businesses should always record their calls, is no matter the significance of the call, is to ensure high-quality customer service.

This feature also improves your staff members performance by providing recordings of good and bad call examples of calls to use during training. Exampling to newer members of the team how they need to be speaking whilst on the telephone.

Unified communications

Unified Communications is the concept of all your telecom products working together. For example, the calls you make getting pushed to your CRM, better information on customers, and taking calls on your mobile while out of the office. Rather than having multiple systems working against each other, you can increase efficiency through UC. Your team members can easily communicate with the manageable UC tools available. Remote worker access will allow for office communications regardless of your device, location or time. You should allow your team to work smarter with unified communications.


Allowing your team to take full advantage of KloudPBX by implementing these 5 features into your business. Increasing customer service and sales – with full control using your own dedicated web portal – puts the POWER back with you.