Technologies to improve the hospitality industry

Posted on 20th November 2019 under Blog.

The hospitality is a highly competitive industry – staying up to date with popular technology trends is vital to make sure your customers are kept happy and comfortable when visiting your business.

Here are some popular technology strategies to keep track of to ensure your business stays up to date and is fully efficient:

Technology to improve

Fibre broadband & guest WiFi

Fibre Broadband

Installing your business with a fast and reliable internet connection means that you can operate your systems smoothly and efficiently every day. Whether you use a computer system, cash register, telephone system or a smart phone / tablet at your work place, implementing a fibre internet connection often means that these devices will be able to run at their optimum speed, resulting in getting online tasks completed at an efficient pace.

Guest WiFi

Implementing Guest WiFi at your venue allows customers to login to your WiFi and surf the web on an internet connection. Guest WiFi comes with a bundle of features which will benefit any business, such as:


  • Allowing people to access a free WiFi connection which will encourage them to stay longer, or even return  and become a frequent customer.
  • You can collect marketing data such as email addresses from the people who login to your Guest WiFi – this data can be stored and used for future marketing campaigns which you can use to entice previous visitors back (GDPR Opted in).
  • Guest WiFi offers users easy social media check-ins – meaning your customers can promote your business on their social media accounts – in the form of a social media post, images or even videos when in your establishment.

Telephony systems

Over 2 million businesses are still currently using an ISDN line – by the year 2025 all IDSN lines will be switched off entirely! Meaning all of these businesses who are still on traditional lines will need to seek a new telephony solution.

Cloud telephony (VoIP) comes with a bundle of rich features which enhance business performance – as well as it is a solution that can help you avoid the ISDN switch off.

A cloud-based solution is an industry-leading technology, robust with rich features that are made to future-proof any business, making them more efficient, and ideal for small to large businesses. You can self-manage it all with its simple web portal and call analytics such as iCall Suite.


Social media accounts

Social media is a free marketing tool which allows your business to show off its uniqueness and stand out from the crowd – by scheduling regular posts that strike the attention of other social media users it can entice them to visit or purchase from your establishment.

Millions of people use social media on a daily basis, so leveraging these platforms and displaying your business to these people makes them aware of you and what you have to offer them – for example, a coffee shop could post regular photos of their coffee and people enjoying food and drinks in the coffee shop.

People who like coffee and see these posts will have an understanding of what your business has to offer as well as seeing your products up close – making the business more desirable.

Business SMS

This powerful marketing tool grants your business the ability to make direct communication with its customers to help boost business, customer service and send appointment reminders.

95% of people in the UK own a mobile or smart phone, so guaranteeing direct contact to their device can be hugely beneficial for you and your business.

You can use SMS to send special offers, promote events, remind customers about appointments, keep customers updated of business changes and so much more. So, make sure you leverage business SMS to benefit your business and watch your performance increase!

To find out more about these strategies contact DataKom to book yourself a free demonstration of cloud telephony, fibre broadband and business SMS – call 01656 33 44 55 or email