Remote conference calling

Posted on 2nd December 2020 under Blog.

As we have mentioned from recent posts, more and more people are working remotely, whether it’s from their homes, public venues such as coffee shops, or even from their vehicle. We know the importance of business conference calling, so here are a few tips on how to maximise your remote conference calling.

Working from home

Love it or hate it – but working from home is a common thing within the business world of 2020. However, it shouldn’t slow down your regular workflow and communications – but how do you still stay connected with your business, customers and colleagues?


Easy! By installing a cloud-based telephone system into your home router you can replicate your office at home. With your cloud telephone, it will be like you never left the office – with the ability to make internal and external calls.


With one of its features being conference call. This allows multiple callers into one call at once, making remote conferencing very simple.

What about working on the road

As mentioned, a lot of people are working remotely or ‘on the move’. So, without the right technology, it can be difficult for workers like this to stay connected with everyone else. Of course, they will most likely be carrying a mobile phone, however, customers might not know their direct number.

With Kloud phone system they can be brought into conference calls using their extension number, DDI or mobile phone number using mobile twinning.


Mobile Twining


Mobile Twinning is a feature which adapts to our KloudPBX solution – allowing the user to link their works phone to their smartphone or mobile device. Meaning that when someone calls their work line extension the call will also be forwarded to the users mobile which is connected (Twinned) to the handset.


If the call isn’t answered on either device, the office phone system will pull the call back and put the caller into the work voicemail – ready for you to pick up when you are ready.


Mobile twinning grants a huge benefit to remote workers who still need access to their work calls but know they will be away from their office telephone for longer periods.

Speaking face to face when working remotely

DataKom offers a range of handsets, everything from your traditional telephone, all the way up to our KloudPBX telephony solutions.

Our KloudPBX telephones allow users to make multiple calls and even have multiple callers in one chat room – replicating a conference call. Meaning you can conference call anywhere at any time.

Our popular video conference telephone (iPECS LIP 9071) allows users to take advantage of its traditional telephone uses, as well as its high-quality video and audio conference calling.

This solution is ideal for staff members who choose to work from home and need to join video or non-video conference calls.


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