Build strong communications for your construction company

Posted on 26th July 2021 under Blog.

Up to date technology and machinery will always be at the forefront of running a successful construction business. Using the latest tech will help ensure your employees and contractors are able to work efficiently.

There is one piece of technology which might get overlooked on construction sites, and that is the telephone system. There are now solutions available which work with you and help overcome any challenges you may normally face.

For instance, cloud telephony (VoIP) is a reliable telecoms solution which benefits all areas of a business’s communications, with everything you need from cheaper running costs to flexible features, which can save you time.

So, let’s find out how cloud telephony can improve your construction company.

Build strong communications for your construction company

Flexible communications with VoIP

Mobile twinning

Twinning your cloud-based handsets to your mobile device grants you and your workers the freedom to break away from the restriction of the office and not miss any incoming business opportunities. For example, a customer or supplier might want to get in contact with you, however you are away from your telephone working. Missing calls means you miss a new opportunity and potentially a new sale.

With mobile twinning, when your works number is called, and your static office phone and mobile phone ring at the same time, so, no matter where you are, you can always take that call.


Voicemail to email

Like mobile twinning, this feature allows you to link your cloud-based handset to other devices. However instead of diverting the call directly to your mobile for you to answer – This feature will automatically send the voicemails to your email address. Meaning you can listen to your messages from your laptop or mobile phone.

So, your customers and suppliers won’t have to wait as long for you to return their call.

Reduced call charges and monthly costs

Why spend more than you need to on telephony bills? With cloud-based telephone systems you are able to save money each month as telephone calls are completely free of charge.

Calls made with a cloud-based telephone system are transmitted over your on-premises internet connection, and not over traditional telephone lines where call charges would normally rack up.

All you need is a reliable internet connection and a cloud-based telephone, and you are set to make and receive free calls!


So, what are you waiting for? Start building a stronger communication system for your contractors and construction business by contacting DataKom who can upgrade your business telephony. Contact us on 01656 33 44 55 or email