3 tips to save your business money

Posted on 10th August 2021 under Blog.

Everyone likes the thought of saving money, whether you are a business owner or employee – saved money is good money! Unfortunately saving money can be challenging, that is why we are here to provide you with 3 simple tips which any business can adopt to help you begin saving money today!

3 tips to save your business money

Hosted telephony

How can a telephone system save money you may ask? Simple – hosted telephony solutions are designed to develop any business or working space it is installed into. Assisting with not just communication, but customer service, business growth and cost savings.

Hosted telephony will save your business money as calls are made using your provided internet connection within your premises. Calls which are made using an internet connection are often completely free of charge – therefore if your business is making a lot of calls, switching to a hosted solution will hugely decrease your spending.

Hosted telephony will become the primary replacement of traditional telephone systems such as ISDN. With the switch off in 2027 – early adopters of VoIP will begin to see massive savings from the first month of installation.

Fast and reliable internet connection

A reliable internet connection can do so much more than save you money. Having a fast and reliable internet connection provided at your business will supply you and your staff with the ability to work efficiently with very little downtime.

You may think that won’t save me money… however, having a fast internet connection will allow staff to work efficiently which will result in efficient workflow, less delays, and no missed opportunity to make money.

Having a reliable internet connection will also mean your business equipment will run smoothly, overall improving staff and customer experience – overall improving business efficiency.

Remote working

Offering staff to work remotely will hugely reduce unnecessary spending. For instance, an extreme example – if possible, you could allow your entire work force to work remotely, subtracting the need for an office or working space. Doing this will reduce the businesses spending on a building or an office rental.

On a smaller scale, for businesses which need a working space, reducing the amount of people in the office at one time will reduce the amount of energy used and hardware needed on site. Therefore, reducing business spending.

There are a variety of options that allow teams the ability for flexible working, such as transportable hardware, like laptops and hosted telephones, to user friendly applications which pair smartphones to office handsets to grant staff access to calls when away from the office.


DataKom are proud to say, we are the largest hosted telecoms provider in Wales. Supplying businesses with hosted telephone and broadband connections since 2007. So, if you are ready to begin saving your business money – make sure you contact one of our experts on 01656 33 44 55 or email sales@datakom.co.uk.