Business communication – Which ones you should consider

Posted on 30th July 2019 under Blog.

Communication for business is essential, whatever mode of communication you use to connect with your customers and clients needs to be its very best and easy for both you and your customer to use and understand.

A whopping 80% of business communication takes place over the phone, so its vitally important that your business has a telephone option for customers to contact.

If you do have a contact number, make sure you have the best telecommunication system suited for your business needs.

Why is business communication important?

Communicating between an organisation and its customers is very important as it can be a make or break in a customer relationship or even a sale.

Excellent communication can benefit a business by boosting its overall customer service and having a positive impact when communicating with customers.

Types of business communication

Email communication

Emailing is the modern way to send a message to an individual or many, for free!

As long as you have an account with an emailing service such as Outlook or Gmail – you can send as many messages to as many people as you would like for no charge.

Optimising email for business can be hugely beneficial as there is a zero-messaging charge with no limits to the amount you send.

Verbal communication

Speech will always be a form of communication, and for some businesses it can be essential!

Verbal communication is vital for some companies to fully operate and continue to trade, verbal communication allows people to communicate freely and easily to one and other with no cost.

However, speech is only beneficial face to face…unless…you have a telephone system.

Telephone communication

80% of all business communications take place over the telephone.

Telephone communication can be used for any and every type of business, from estate agents, dealerships to restaurants.

Telephones benefit many areas of business, including sales, marketing, referrals and more. Telephony makes it easy for customers to contact and verbally communicate to a business directly.

So, making sure your telephone system is up to date and supplying the business with its highest potential to achieve the most out of its line.

For most businesses using an older ISDN line, there are options for them to upgrade to VoIP, which allows users to make free or very low-cost calls over the internet.

VoIP in a business allows you to have physical on-premise handsets, and multiple phone lines all connected like a traditional system, but with lower call costs.

VoIP communication

KloudPBX is the future of telecommunications, integrating industry-leading technology such as Outlook, CRM systems, and staff members mobiles.

KloudPBX has the benefit of on premise-based telephone systems with the convenience of a hosted one.

With features such as mobile twining, call recording, on-hold music or voice, attendant menus, conference calling and more.

There are a range of KloudPBX handsets and conference phones to suit all offices, big or small.

Finding the right telephone system

With a range of telephone systems and devises out there it can be hard to know which system will benefit your office and business.

To help you decide we have a products review page where members of our DataKom team have reviewed the systems and services we provide to hopefully make that choice a lot easier.

With a choice of IP conference systems and iPECS handsets. We provide the perfect devices to help benefit your business.