Making your business special this year with a festive on hold attendant

Posted on 15th December 2020 under Blog.

What is the first thing customers do when they want to speak with a business? They contact them with a phone call. Our next question is, what is the first thing your customers are greeted with when they dial your number? If your immediate answer isn’t, they reach the auto-attendant – you may need to consider making a few changes to your telecoms.

What is an auto attendant and its benefits?

Having an on “auto-attendant” installed within your telecoms environment means your calls are answered automatically – allowing the caller to press a number corresponding to which department they wish to speak with.


On hold marketing turns wasted time into valuable marketing space. This means you can boost revenue by advertising products and services to a captive audience. Your bespoke on-hold messages turn dead air time, into sales opportunities!

on hold attendant

Reduce hang-ups


Callers who experience silence on hold will often hang up shortly after they have been answered, while callers who hear on-hold music will stay on the line far longer, reducing the risk of lost business.


Callers prefer to hear a sound other than silence. Callers perceive shorter wait times when uplifting music is played and gives the reassurance their call is still connected and in the queue.


Build an image


Providing customers with a professional on-hold message can enhance the quality of the first impression you give to potential customers. It also ensures callers know their time, patience and custom is valued.

Festive auto attendants

Make your auto-attendant festive and relevant to seasonal events such as Christmas. For instance, why don’t you change the voice on your attendant to Santa Claus for December? Click here for an example.


A large percentage of any business’s first point of contact with a supplier or customer is via the telephone – meaning the first impression counts. So, if you wish to apply an auto-attendant onto your telecoms, make sure you contact us on 01656 33 44 55 or email